Smithville AG




Second Chances

Second Chances is a ministry of hope in pursuit of growth, recovery and healing – where we recognize and join Christ in restoring what has been lost.

No matter the particular “why” beyond your experience of loss, Jesus is about restoration. There are many ways we pose the question, but the ultimate wager in a time of trial and suffering is one of hope.  Find freedom and reclaim hope no matter the circumstances.  Second Chances is the step to putting the pieces back together and becoming whole in Jesus Christ.

"For the Son of Man came to seek and to save the lost."

the Table

The table is a gathering place where memories are made and community is formed.  Essential to the growth of our Family is fostering a community environment to go and meet the needs of those we come in contact with day to day.  At AG, we recognize the need to feed those around us.  The Table is a ministry that does just that by serving a hot meal to those who are hungry.  

Our mission is to serve those physically and spiritually as we gather around the Table.

"as I have loved you, love one another"